Sometimes I feel like my house chores never end. I bet you feel the same. If you are a busy entrepreneur like me, you probably have no time for cleaning your house every day. Numerous errands to run with no time available. Does it sound familiar? I have a few tricks that help me keep my house clean and healthy. I’d like to share them with you.

1. Keep clutter away

In our consumer-oriented world, it is hard not to buy stuff, especially if you have children. But I’ve realized that I don’t actually need that much, and having fewer things means actually fewer things to clean. I try to declutter my house and get rid of things we no longer need or use. This approach can free up some space in your house too!

2. Do touch cleaning every day

It’s easier to maintain a clean house rather than do a deep cleaning. I try to tidy up a bit every day. I have a few great all-natural cleaning products I use and recommend:

Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner This all-natural cleaner will help you with the daily cleaning of your kitchen counters, the dining room tabletop and other surfaces. I love the fact that it’s made out of plant-derived ingredients. No chemicals that can harm you or your loved one’s health!

Seventh Generation Multisurface Disinfecting Wipes These are great for cleaning everyday messes! They’re all-natural and work great on all surfaces in the house, leaving behind the fresh scent of thyme. Sometimes I sweep my kitchen floor and do a quick spot wipe all over with a few of these instead of breaking out the mop. They are big time savers for me. Time is everything when you are a working parent.

Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar Jug This is my all-in-one cleaner. I use on pretty much everything I need to clean. I’ve even worked in place of the chemical cleaner typically used to steam clean carpets. I don’t need to worry about allergic reactions or side effects after using it. It was good enough for our grandma’s it’s good enough for me. And studies show it is an actual disinfectant.

3. Be organized

Being organized is helping me not only get things done in my business world but also organize my life so that I could spend more time with my daughter and do things that I enjoy. I have discovered that making lists and simply planning ahead can be a big time saver! Balancing your business and family life is a hard but fun task. Keeping your house clean and healthy is one of the huge time commitments you have. You can read my other blog post 3 Critical Reasons You Should Switch to Green Cleaners Right Now for some tips about all-natural products to keep your house clean and healthy.


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