Summer has arrived! It is the most fun (and challenging) time of the year for working parents. You want to spend quality times with your kids but still make sure that your business or work doesn’t fall behind. Tricky, right?

I think it’s a lot of fun to introduce new foods and snacks during summer. Especially if you can make some of them together with your kids.

Here are some of my favorite healthy summer snacks that your kids will love:

Frozen fruit desserts

Soft frozen fruit desserts are my preferred healthy alternatives to sugary dairy desserts. They are free from refined sugar and full of vitamins. Make them in minutes using a Yonanas 902 Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker. This is a totally fun afternoon kitchen activity to make this healthy treat together with the kids!

All-fruit popsicles

Loaded with vitamins and oh so refreshing, all-fruit popsicles are my go-to snack during summer. They are so easy to make! Just fill a popsicle mold with blended fruit puree (like the kind you would make for the soft frozen fruit dessert) add optional sliced fruit and berries, and a touch of optional sweetener if you want, such as a pinch of stevia powder or a little maple syrup if you prefer. Insert stick and freeze until firm.

Fun shaped fresh fruit and vegetables

What can be better than fun shaped slices of fresh fruit and vegetables? I cut my daughter’s favorite fruit and vegetables using these simple fruit and vegetable cutters. Serve them with a few different types of dips like hummus for a filling snack. It’s healthy finger food for the whole family to eat!

I hope that your summer kicks off to a good start, with warm weather, more time with your kids and new fun experiences.

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