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Planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking can be very time consuming. Add a couple of picky little eaters to the bargain and you feel like all you ever do is cook! That’s why it’s very common for a busy parent to go after an easy option, like processed or junk food. Not me!

I’ve discovered that a healthy homemade meal doesn’t have to take a lot of time to prepare, if you do it the smart way. I would like to share certain tricks with you and help YOU save time on preparing healthy meals for your loved ones.

1. Plan everything

Planning my meals in advance helped me to stay organized and stick to my grocery list. I always plan my family’s meals for a week, so that I never (well, rarely) have to dash to a local grocery store for a missing ingredient. Some meals can be cooked at the same time and then frozen. Some foods, like extra soup, smoothies and homemade cookies, can easily be frozen, then served as delicious sides or desserts with your meal!

2. Choose simple recipes

Choose simple recipes with healthy ingredients. Recipies with a long list of exotic ingredients are not necessarily the best tasting ones. I usually choose simple recipes (like this Summer Chickpea Salad) with healthy, simple ingredients that I can buy online or in stores. I always go for organic and high quality food to ensure that the meal I put on the table for my family is the highest quality and avoids any harmful chemicals in it. Check out my Blog and my Recipes for some inspiration! I share many simple recipes, so that a busy entrepreneur like you can make in minutes.


3. Choose high quality ingredients and spices

Choosing high quality ingredients and spices brings out the best flavor in your food without any extra effort on your part. They’re just delicious as they are! Live Green is my go-to online store to shop for high quality food, spices and other products, like green cleaning products I use in my home.

Check my other blog post about green cleaners 3 Critical Reasons Why You Should Switch to Green Cleaners Right Now.

4. Get cooking help.

Sometimes you have to admit that you need help and get that help. Your kids can become your little sous chefs with small jobs like washing produce or helping to bake cookies. Is there a relative, friend or neighbor who might enjoy cooking with you, to prepare meals that you can both serve to your respective families and help each other in the process?

And don’t forget that I’m also here to help you to save time, so you can spend more time with your family yet have a delicious and healthy meal on the table. Contact me about the cooking services I provide.

Life is is busy and hectic but cooking does not have to be time consuming to be healthy. I want you to save time on preparing healthy meals for your family. I think of cooking as a way to provide your loved ones with healthy, nutritious and delicious food that does not take up much of your time and makes everyone happy!

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