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4 Month Plant-Based Cooking Mastery

Our Premier 4-Month Training Program

This comprehensive, 4-month online course marries your health and nutrition goals with the natural demands of life. Discover time-saving techniques, delicious recipes, suggested shopping lists, knife skills and so much more!

  • You will finally have a deep understanding of what ingredients are the healthiest choices and how to transform them into delicious recipes the whole family will love
  • You will feel confident in the kitchen, finally mastering cooking skills with health-supportive recipes
  • You’ll wow your friends, clients and family with mouth-watering recipes

Whether you want to take this unique program for personal knowledge or to use the skills to support a wellness career, the cooking skills you learn in just four months will transform your life forever.

Course Timeline:

November 14, 2017 – February 13, 2018

What you will accomplish in 4 months

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