Alexandra Connett

Foodist Films- Founder, Creative Director & Videographer

I’m bringing my two greatest passions, cooking and filmography, together to tell stories about food in a fun and creative way. I’ve worked in food media and marketing for over 7 years on both a local and national level. My experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding about how people connect with their food. I am eager to break past the barrier of traditional marketing and give transparency and a larger voice to emerging food brands and businesses.

I am also a local food and farming advocate and encourage people to explore food in new ways. I love making videos that inspire others to try cooking new recipes. I have also taught cooking, marketing, and gardening classes to both kids and adults at Valdosta State University, Austin Community College, Becker Elementary, The Cooking Matters Program, Green Gate Farms, and New Farm Institute.

I also love sharing my tips and tricks for food video and marketing.

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