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Golnaz Yamoutpour, MBA

Digital Strategist, Marketer, & Influencer

Founder, Eat.Drink.Dish & Eclectic Media LLC

I spent the last 5 years diving deep into project management, digital marketing, influencer marketing, and being an integral part of the Minnesota food scene. I built an organic digital platform, Eat.Drink.Dish, which has allowed me to be a part of such things as: The 2018 Minnesota Food Guide and campaign led by Andrew Zimmern, City Page’s Readers’ Choice “Best Instagram” for 3 consecutive years, a regular guest speaker at the University of Minnesota, a co-host on Brews And Eats With Badass Peeps, and winning Zagat’s 1st Annual Foodie Award in 2017. All while working full-time and going to school part-time at Augsburg University for my Masters in Business Administration, which I completed in 2016.

I started Eat.Drink.Dish in 2014 to help support local food businesses by creating a social hub for people who enjoyed learning about the current food scene. My background involves a broad range of experience in the food and wellness industry starting with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and growing up in an entrepreneurial family where we ran a restaurant for over 20 years.

Now, I’m embarking on a new journey to help others in their quest to entrepreneurship and in strengthening their digital marketing, branding, and social media presence.

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