So many of you ask me, “Christine, what are some of your favorite snacks?”

Most of the time my “snacks” are really just mini meals of leftover food from breakfast, lunch or dinner.  And even when on the road I take a thermos full of soup or a little stainless steel tin with a mini meal inside.  Or I’ll make homemade organic popcorn with sea salt, olive oil and coconut oil or homemade oatmeal raisin cookies for snacks as well.

But there are times, like when I travel, that packaged, non-perishable snacks do come in handy.  And sometimes when I pack lunch for my daughter I send in some little packaged treats too.

And let me tell you, I am picky when it comes to the ingredients in such snacks.  So here are some good ones that I’ve found and enjoy.  Even these aren’t perfect (maybe not all organic or has some cane sugar) but they’re better choices than other snacks out there.

My favorite packaged snacks at the moment:

  1. Brad’s Raw Veggie Chips (almost more of a cracker) – Sweet Potato Flavor
  2. Sea Snax Chomperz – Original
  3. Figgy Pops Cranberry Pistachio Supersnacks
  4. Dajiya’s Super Snacks Sunflower Pumpkin Superfood Snack Mix
  5. Sea Snax onion seaweed (small snack size)
  6. Laughing Giraffe Organics Salted Caramel Snackaroons
  7. Amrita Apricot Strawberry Energy Bars (My daughter goes CRAZY for these bars! I actually send them in so she has a healthy treat instead of cupcakes when there’s a birthday party at school.  Yes, I am that mom.)
  8. Organic Instant Oatmeal packs (LOVE these when traveling as you can get hot water anywhere and mix up a cozy cup of hot oatmeal!)
  9. Dried organic cherriesapple rings or mulberries
  10. Raw sprouted almonds
  11. Go Raw granola

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