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You deserve to feel amazing. Simple steps like eating more vegetables can help get you there. Join Chef Christine Waltermyer to learn how to make vegetables your new best friend. 

Your Blueprint to a Plant-Based Diet: The Power Of Veggies

The Power of Veggies is an introductory course for anyone who wants to explore and benefit from eating more plant-based foods.

In this introductory course, experienced wellness chef, Christine Waltermyer, shares some of her unique veggie recipes with you (cherished by her students and personal chef clients). Don’t worry; the recipes in this course are quick and easy to prepare for beginners, using minimal and easy-to-find ingredients.

All of the recipes in this course are gluten and dairy-free. You’ll not only learn some great recipes, but you’ll also discover valuable information about the vegetables you’re about to consume.

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Christine will teach you some simple techniques, which will allow you to:

  • Select the best vegetables for overall health
  • Replace certain vegetables known as “nightshades” without sacrificing flavor if you have any inflammation or allergy issues
  • Be nourished by maximum nutrients by selecting the right vegetables for your dish
  • Enjoy the flavors of simple recipes, making veggies tasty (even when it comes to picky eaters!)

Here’s how we’ve structured this course for you

(Fun fact: There’s an assignment with each lesson to reinforce your learnings)

Day 1

The first lesson will be about building your foundation. Without a strong foundation, you will not understand the idea and logic behind choosing specific vegetables. The first thing anyone would do is shop for vegetables at a grocery store. 

I will share an exact process of how you can select the right types of vegetables to provide all essential nutrients to your body. On top of that, you will also learn about veggie alternatives to what are known as “nightshade vegetables,” and why you would want to minimize these vegetables in your diet (especially if you have inflammation issues).

Day 2

After building a strong foundation, we can now move into the nitty-gritty of this course. The second part of the video series will be practical, where we will teach you about a supper-veggie named Kale and you’ll watch me make a delicious Kale Salad. Kale has earned a couple of nicknames due to its value. It’s been dubbed “the queen of greens” and a “nutritional powerhouse.” 

A single cup of kale offers more than 200% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin A and more than 100% of the RDI of vitamin C. Moreover, it also includes a high amount of vitamin K and other antioxidants (which reduce inflammation). 

Are you worried about its taste? It can be bitter, unless you learn my secret strategies to make it fantastic! Chef Christine will cover her best tips to enable you too to recreate her signature kale salad. 

Day 3

Looking to lower your cholesterol intake but still enjoy tasty comfort food? We have just the recipe for you…a hotdog made from a carrot! Yep. You heard right. It tastes great and it’s full of essential nutrients. Carrot contains a healthy amount of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and other antioxidants. Scientists have linked regularly eating carrots to improved eye health, healthy weight management, and lower cholesterol levels. 

Even if you’re not a huge carrot fan, I know you will love this carrot hotdog. The seasonings in this recipe takes ordinary carrots to the next level.  

Who am I?

Meet Christine Waltermyer.

Hi, I’m Christine, and I created the Natural Kitchen Cooking School to help people live healthier happier lives. As a wellness chef, teacher, and author, I’ve helped numerous cooking enthusiasts, and my private chef clients have included well-known celebrities and pro athletes. I’ve also developed recipes for Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Super Immunity,” Dr. Neal Barnard’s book, “Power Foods for the Brain.” 

I’ve been teaching cooking classes for the Cancer Project, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health with Michio Kushi, the 92nd St. Y in New York City, natural food stores, and famous festivals across America.

I’m a graduate of Millersville University, the Kushi Institute, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the Coach Training Alliance. I’ve been featured on television and written for the Huffington Post, VegNews magazine, and Lillipoh magazine

What have former students said about our programs?

I learned so much!

I was eating on the go a lot. I knew how to pick whole, healthy foods but I had a difficult time putting it into meals. I learned how to put together so many different meals with all the different ideas.

It was really helpful with changing my basic eating habits. The ideas just made it really easy.

– Anna K.

Really enjoyed it.

We had 3 kids relatively quickly…and I embraced that. I love being a dad. I definitely put a lot more focus on being a dad than I did on being a runner or even working out.

I got into the program to try and develop some culinary skills along with some healthy habits. I just completed the program and feel like I’m ready to tackle the world.

– Ed R.

No strict rules of dieting

The one thing I learned… is that I can find my inner voice, know what I want, and adapt my cravings to something that is good for me and in the healthiest way possible.

Now I eat healthier and know more about vegetables and grains. I’m more open to try new things.

– Giovana V.

A big breakthrough

The natural part attracted me since I had just started a vegan diet. Because of my busy schedule I would pick up food that I thought was healthy.

I wasn’t sure of the benefit of taking the class versus doing my own research… but after taking the class I realized there was a lot more you had to offer which I don’t think I would have found on my own.

–  Mani C.

What can you expect after finishing this course?

  • You’ll have a strong foundation of understanding a plant-based diet, and how you can include more health-promoting vegetables in tasty ways.
  • You will understand the reasons behind choosing specific ingredients for your meal. 
  • This course will enhance your ability to select the best vegetables for your diet. Also, you’ll know what vegetables may not be best for optimal health. 
  • As the recipes in this course are simple and take minimal time to prepare, you’ll start making delicious foods inspired by Chef Christine shortly after finishing your first lesson.

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