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Private Boutique Cooking Classes

Learn the art of healthy cooking as a customized VIP class with Christine Waltermyer

Learn how natural foods cooking can make your life so much better. We all know that eating whole foods is good for us, but where do we begin?

Now you can learn proper knife skills, cutting techniques, and how to cook whole grains, beans and vegetables in a tasty, easy way. Christine can even show you how to make delicious, naturally-sweetened desserts!

You’ll get hands-on cooking experience in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. Master basic techniques, easy recipes and sample menus that will help you look and feel great. You’ll come away finally feeling confident about your kitchen skills, with a solid understanding of the basics of nourishing cooking. Our classes will empower you with knowledge and great tasting recipes that the whole family will love!

Classes include the option of a take-home goodie bag containing an apron with the Natural Kitchen logo, cooking tools, food samples, and a copy of Christine’s cookbook.

I source only the highest quality organic ingredients and seasonings. Special dietary preferences such as macrobiotic, vegan and gluten-free can always be accommodated.

christine-sigCan’t wait to cook with you!

Sample Topics

The Basics: Fundamentals of Whole Foods Cooking

Learn proper knife skills, cutting techniques, and how to cook whole grains, beans and vegetables in a tasty, easy way. This class will give you all the core skills you need to get started. We cover cooking styles, stocking your pantry, kitchen equipment and quality food selection, prep and storage.

Natural Beauty & Anti-aging

Discover what foods are known for their anti-aging benefits and what steps you can take to have glowing skin, thick hair and strong nails, as well as maintain your ideal weight. We will prepare a menu of “beautifoods” and even make some food-based beauty treatments and creams.

Healthy Family Cooking

Get your family on track with meals that everyone will love! We’ll show you how to make delicious healthy desserts and snacks, as well as hearty main meals. Learn how to get your kids to eat their veggies (even the pickiest of eaters). Never stress again over what to make for dinner or pack for lunch.

Kitchen Pharmacy: Healing with Natural Foods

Food is a powerful ally in maximizing your health. We will cover various health concerns from boosting immunity to strengthening digestion. Learn whole food remedies that can help stabilize blood sugar levels, support liver detox and promote weight loss and clear skin. We will prepare an anti-inflammatory meal that tastes too delicious to be medicinal!

Small kitchen? Don’t worry.

We have the option of renting the kitchen at Taste & Technique Cooking Studio in Fair Haven. It is a state of the art kitchen with space for up to 15 students.

Don’t have a big group…

But you don’t want a one-on-one class? Contact us to see if have had other inquiries to partner you up with a group of fellow students.

Pricing and Payments

Please contact me for pricing on bookings.

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