I’ve always felt a tingly sensation when I walk barefoot on the grass or ground.  It goes right up through my legs and up into my jaw, crazy as that sounds.   Now that I know the benefits of what’s known as “earthing” or walking barefoot on the earth, it makes sense.

The science behind this shows that the earth carries negative ions, which is very healthy for us to absorb through our feet when we contact the earth.  These days we are surrounded by an excess of positive ions, which despite the name, are not positive in their effects.  Positive ions come from electronics such as iPads, cell phones, laptops.  And it’s these ions that contribute to inflammation.  A great book to read more about earthing and how it works is Earthing by Clinton Ober.

So barefoot walking on the earth is great for reducing inflammation, the underlying cause of many diseases.  The negative ions from the ground help to discharge the harmful positive ions from our body.  Pretty amazing.  And that’s not all.

Even just 10 minutes a day of barefoot walking (in grass, sand or dirt) will help:

  1. Improve balance
  2. Help strengthen foot and ankle muscles, therefore preventing injuries
  3. Greater circulation through your feet and legs

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health,  the benefits extend beyond just your feet and legs to your entire body:

“Mounting evidence suggests that the Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. Moreover, oscillations of the intensity of the Earth’s potential may be important for setting the biological clocks regulating diurnal body rhythms, such as cortisol secretion.”

So with all these great reasons to ditch your shoes for a little while each day, what are you waiting for?  Get those toes in some dirt, my friend!

The Incredible Benefits of Going Barefoot

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